Bowling Tips

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Bowling Tips

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  • DO push the ball out, then down as you take your first step
  • DO face your target squarely each time
  • DO follow through smoothly; this will you greater accuracy
  • DO work on making each spare.  It is possible to bowl up to 190 with no strikes, but all spares
  • DON’T rush the foul line; a brisk walk will keep your armswing in a smooth arc
  • DON’T loft or bounce the ball onto the lane
  • DON’T try to throw a speed ball; speed control is vital for higher and more consistent scores
  • DON’T get discouraged with slow progress; bowling is a lifetime sport!

What is Proper Bowling Etiquette

You won’t find all of these in a rule book, but all bowlers should observe these basic good manners:

  • Do not be tardy when it is your turn to bowl, BUT give way to the bowler on your RIGHT
  • Stay off the other bowler’s approach
  • By all means get property set, BUT don’t take all day
  • Control your temper and your language
  • A smooth delivery please!  Do not loft the ball
  • Don’t use another players ball, except with permission
  • Do not cross the Foul Line – stay on your own side
  • Let your opponent bowl in peace – don’t needle him/her
  • Body english is great – but not on the next lane!

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